Work-in-Progress Wednesday

Well here it is the day nearly over, and I've just remembered about Work In Progress Wednesday.
I'm glad that I remembered though, as it gives me a chance to sit down with a cup of tea and catch up with you all.
By now you'll have realized that my previous blog, Love, Light, and Wine/Catch Afire is no more.
Let us not dwell on it. 

Let's jump right in with the fun stuff!
How was your Equinox, Lovelies? How did you observe it? I was feeling like a bit of formality would be nice this Ostara, so I spent a good bit of time on my altar and ritual.
It took all day to complete, but it was wonderful putting everything else aside and sinking all my energy into creating pretties and sacred space for what feeds my soul.
I painted night and day bunnies on sea grape leaves and blessed them.
I laid out a rather large tarot spread, supper to share with the spirits and Divine, and made an eggshell candle and planter. Recently I found a crows feather and an owls feather, so they hold a place of honor in The East. 
After the day time activities I bagged and tagged the bunnies and took them out when Anubis and I went for our walk to abandon them. I've abandoned several pieces of work now as part of this Random Acts of Art group, and I love it. I get a little rush off of it, and almost feel like a little kids getting away with something naughty. 

When we got back from our walk I washed and used my fancy yummy smelling body oil and then did my hair in elaborate twists and braids that you can't see. I put on a lovely sexy red dress and a sheer duster over it and sat down inside sacred space to hear what the Universe had to say.
After enjoying some good light food and tea I was wound up, so I decided to work on a gift for a friend who just lost his beloved dog in an airplane accident. 

It's coming along, but not as quickly as I would like. I'm having focus issues.
I'm also packing, packing, packing. My sister found me the most amazing little cabin in the mountains, so I'm letting my apartment in the city go, and chartering a flight to Florida. Anubis and I will drive north, and Stephen will join us in a couple few months.
Here is my darling little place.

What do you have going on, my dears? What's your Work In Progress?
I'm going to head on over to see what Danni has going on at her Whimsical Cottage. I know she won't mind if y'all tag along...


  1. Your altar is gorgeous and I love that you let the Universe decide "who" should be gifted with your art pieces!

    Congrats on the cabin! I know you've wanted one for so long. Is this going to be a permanent move back to the USA or just an extended holiday!

    1. Thank you Debra! Yes, I love this Art Abandonment movement. It's so rewarding.
      The move to the mountains is meant to be permanent, but if the Universe decides something else for us, then I'll roll with that too. :-)

  2. OHHHHHHH!!!!!! I am SO happy to see you're going to your mountains! And your altar is gorgeous! And, and.. I love that you're abandoning artwork! I bet that finding such beauty totally made someone's day.

    1. Thank you, Danni. I am excited as well about the mountains move. The altar turned out really nice. I really enjoyed working on it. The Art Abandonment is so much fun. I can't wait to continue doing it in the US. :-)

  3. I am so happy I found you! I didn't know where you went to!
    Your altar is gorgeous! Really love it! And, I love how you are gifting your art! I have always wanted to do that. I think I will! You have inspired me Sarah!
    Your cabin is so beautiful! Love! You are going to be happy there! I know it!
    Big Hugs and Much Love!

    1. Darling MLC! I'm glad you re-found me too! The old space was not writable anymore for me, and with all the new changes I thought a new space appropriate. I cannot wait to see what you abandon. You will be hooked. I always pretend in my head I'm a secret agent doing a drop. lol. Cannot wait for the cabin, believe me!
      Big hugs and love back at you.

  4. Your altar is a delight to look at. I bet its energy makes the skin tingle.

    I love seeing you busy like this. Hurry up and finish packing... so that I can come and lurk around your new cabin in the summer.

    1. Yes, I just invited myself. ;-D

    2. It did, indeed cause tingles. :-)
      As soon as I get moved in I look forward to seeing that gleeful grin with a forest as backdrop.


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