Lament For Luscious

While many celebrate and write birthday songs for a certain Witchy Aries, because she asked it of her devotees here:
I used today's prompt to remember the forgotten midwife in this dirge-worthy day.
The woman who may have welcomed the creature into this world and paid with her life; poor Luscious the Midwife, or Comadrona, in her native Spanish.

The sorrowful song of Luscious, La Comadrona was recorded so her daughter's never forget, 
"When birthing a witch, never wear
Eau de Parfum, Mango"


Oh sorrowful song
Shrugged from shoulder to shoulder 
Of salt-air breeze
Whisper' in shadow
Behind velvet fronds
Of coconut trees

Of claw'd talons grasp'd
'Round el cuello
Of a  comadrona
And no one helped
Pry the fang less maw from her vein.
Nadie, ni sola una persona.

Now we sing of her,
Luscious La Comadrona
How it happen so 
...never forget!
When birth'n a witchlin' ne'r wear
Eau de Parfum Mango

Thank you for remembering Luscious with me as we celebrate the birth of the Witchiest of mango-addicted writers. Happy birthday, Magaly! 


  1. Hahahaha, what a unique take on Magaly's prompt! Dear oh dear, the mango scent did her in!

  2. I can smell the mango and the Caribbean sun. The poem makes me want to grab a white headscarf, a long skirt, and lose my shoes before starting to chant and dance.

    Yum-yum! Your words and your visual art. ♥♥♥

  3. Such wonderful sensory details :D

  4. So much evocative imagery. Now I am hungry for mangoes!

  5. So much evocative imagery. Now I am hungry for mangoes!

  6. Beautiful!! Very unique! I love this!!!

  7. Thank you ALL so much for joining me in celebration of Magalys day of birth and Luscious deliverance into the next life. I enjoyed it so much! Mango-y hugs all around. <3

  8. That was just so rightful draw those visions to our minds...I always assumed Mags was born with a full grin lol :D XXX


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