Work-In-Progress Wednesday

The breeze ruffles mulberry leaves while Cuban Finches argues over which branch has the juiciest berries by my gate.

It is a lovely sunshine you day in Nassau, and I am spending it sanding, sparking, and trying to patch up an apartment that should be gutted and renovated. 
(I think the spackling compound looks like ice cream!)
The wall-tastrophe above started out as what looked like bubbles under the paint, then whole sections rotted and fell away.

Little by little I am getting there. 
Anubis and I fly out Monday morning bright and early, so it's good I'm almost finished. 

The picture above is a good reminder of what's waiting for me and what I'm working towards.
My sister and my Mom an two nieces went and checked out my little cabin for me, and it's livable. The twins say the beds check out as jump able. 

I'm finishing up some art bags that I will either abandon or bring North with me to sell.

So, as you see, lots of work in progress around our little Nassau Nest. Missing my Rasta Man but I will see him in May.

I had to sit out today's prompt for Magalys Dark Poetry For The Cruellest Month event, but if you've the time, you should definitely head over and see what delightful morsels of poetic yumminess she and th other wicked darlings have conjured.

And while you're flying round witchy creative space head over to the Whimsical Cottage and see what Danni has going on for her Work in Progress Wednesday. 


  1. Somehow I don't think the spackling compound would be as delicious or as digestible as ice cream! Too bad.

  2. I thought that was ice-cream! LOL! Busy girl! Wishing you all the best! Sell the bags! They are gorgeous!! Big Hugs!

  3. It seems we all want to eat the spackling compound, lol! I'm so glad you are almost so much closer to me! I hope to feel warm enough to bring you my home-warming gift myself. It will be good, Sarah. You will make it so.

    And don't you dare abandon those bags!

  4. No I don't think so. :-( I think I deserve ice cream as a reward for all the things I've accomplished on my own though. Hmmm...salted caramel swirl I think.

    1. This one was for Debra. Stupid. Phone is freaking out when I try to respond to comments.

    2. I think we all deserve ice cream now that I've teased us with spackling compound. Hugs and love to you guys. I will bring the bags north with me and look forward to selling them or keeping them or gifting them.

  5. I look forward to seeing more pictures from your little cabin once you have settled in!


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