Buds Bursting

I know I haven't posted any updates since moving North, besides a few pictures on Facebook. 
I don't have internet at my sweet little cabin yet, and was hesitant to get it since I was leasing month to month. I'm delighted to share with you all, though, that I spoke to the landlord and I'm good for three months now! Woo hoo. 
It really is delightful here. I'd forgotten the pure magic of Spring. The apparent lack of life everywhere. Gray, black, brown, but wait, tiny hints of green just at the tips of branches. Tentative sprinkles of color tasting the still cool air. Almost time. 
Redbuds splash the air boldly with their magenta blossoms competing with forsythias that are like flames shooting into the sky. Coltsfoot gingerly push aside their brown leafy blankets and raise their yellow faces just in time for my cold that I caught. Ever so cautiously the tender buds test the air.
I'm reminded of a poem that Ms Misantropia (http://msmisantropia.blogspot.com/) sent to me.
"...the tree buds burst as if in jubilation,
Then when fear no longer exists,
The branches drops tumble in a shimmer,
Forgetting that they were afraid of the new, 
Forgetting that they were fearful of the journey..."
It does indeed seem as though the different tree blossoms are rushing all at once, as though they've all gotten the courage at the same time to rally forth. "Flower Power!" I'm sure they encourage one another.
Silly musings that pass through my head on a cool Spring morning. 

My sweet dog god has made the transition almost seamlessly. As I sip on dandelion root and cinnamon tea and write this he paces the decks challenging the wild turkeys just out of sight with his squeaky toys.
He alerted me to what looked like a bear last night (I wasn't wearing my glasses), and we quickly went inside. Perhaps we will keep our porch lounging to daylight hours.

I am so grateful for family. Is there anything better than a sister with whom you've shared all, fought, and overcome? My little sis was teaching me how to replace the cracked pipes under my cabin in the pic. We've been through some heavy stuff, and it drove us apart for awhile, but we are together again.
Like peanut butter and honey, the Honaker sisters.


  1. It's true, there's no one like a SISTER! Enjoy Spring in your new cabin!

  2. I can see Nature bursting with happiness and springing color around you. So glad the pup is doing his job and protecting his mommy. And I'm so happy to see you smile with your sister. Life is good. ♥

    1. Indeed, the air is so very ALIVE right now. It's amazing.

  3. Spring sounds magical on your side with magenta blossoms competing with forsythias. I'm yet to catch on your blog to find out where your North is :-). Enjoy the season!

    1. Magical indeed. I'm in the Blueridge Mountains of West Virginia Ayer living in the Bahamas for 13 years.

  4. The Spring and yourself have something in common - a beautiful, new beginning! Such a gorgeous smile, I see an inner peace in you and it's stunning.

    1. My deepest thanks, Country Witch. There is no greater compliment.

  5. I'm glad you like the poem! She is my favorite Swedish poet.

    I love to hear how at peace you sound now. And learning handy things around the house from another woman is downright empowering :)

    1. I love the poem. Indeed we are big on girl power around here. Both my two yr old nieces hold their little fists in the air and yell "girl power". :-)

  6. Love the poem and the fact you shared Ms M's shared poem as it delights :) sisters are everything frustrating and everything loved... The bond here shows how strong, it weathers all if given a chance ;)

  7. I am so happy for you Sarah! Love the picture of you and your sister! Big Hugs!


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