May the Force be with you on Mothers Day

My dear dear friends, I have been terrible at staying up to date with all of you. I miss writing, and reading all of your blogs. Right now, except for rare occasions, I truly am off grid Internet-wise. I can't get it at my little rental cabin, and my vision is not doing so great, so blogging on my phone is difficult.
I write this, though, while snuggled into my moms couch (she has wifi) after a wonderful weekend. On Saturday two of my sisters, nieces, nephews, brother in law, mom, and a bull mastiff/pit puppy went to a local historical landmark festival. At this same place just last week, sis and I attended our docent training to be trail guides and curators for a private dinner nature preserve with a popular hiking trail on it. It really struck a nerve with me. I was stirred by the fact that species on this mountain don't exist anywhere else. It is a truly sacred place. It's called Ice Mountain in North River Mills, West Virginia. I look forward to studying and becoming more active with my local chapter of The Nature Conservancy.
That was Beltane that we completed our docent training, and truly was an emerging of Self though the soil for both sis and I. It was an incredible bonding experience. 
The same can be said for this most recent visit for the festival. Sis had a group of family and friends who wanted to hike up the mountain, but there were a lot of rowdy children...not great for a hike through an area where delicate rare flora grow inches off the trails. One guest had a puppy, and dogs are absolutely not allowed on the trails, so I volunteered to stay behind and puppy sit. I admit, there were selfish motivations; the energy levels of the kids far exceeded the strength of my medication. 
I leaned against a giant old oak and listened to locals drawl to one another and admired the bustle of women in hoop skirts. A velvety tank of a brindle puppy snuggled against my stomach, and a 7 year old little mountain girl broke out her fiddle for a rare treat. 
In the shade of the oak limbs and cool of the mountain, LED strips transformed her bow into a light saber as she coaxed Star Wars music from her tiny violin. Her little chin jutted out as Darth Vader came to life on the strings of her instrument. The host of the festival brought by a gluten free hard apple cider, and I was reminded once again of why I chose the mountains over the, community, roots...soul food.
Today, Mothers Day, my sis, her twins, mom and I spent hauling stuff out of the property I bought. I have a buyer and go to closing in the next few days! Yay! Day after tomorrow my sexy Rasta Man arrives. Hurray! I'm so excited. It feels like it's been forever. 
I cannot wait. In the meantime, today was lovely. Mom, sis and I with the twins emptied the hous and then dug up bunches of different plants to transplant.we had a small picnic and had an all around wonderful Mothers Day.

I hope you all had a wonderful day
Much love


  1. Sounds like everything is going lovely for you -- I'm so glad! Congrats on buying a place and may you find much happiness in your new home!

    1. Thank you Debra! So many different optiins pulling me in different directions right now, but I weigh each one and pick the path that speaks loudest to me.

  2. Hi Sarah! So happy to hear from you! Sounds like you had a great day with your family! I'm wishing you all the best, in everything!!! Big Hugs!


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