The Right Stuff...

I feel good, friends. Finally. I feel good.
It was rough after the fight my sis and I had, but after a few weeks, she needed help with my adorable twin nieces, so we came to bit of a truce.
Now I see my nieces 40 hours a week, and can help my mom with things around the house. (She broke her shoulder when Anubis pulled her down during a walk a couple months back.) I work three days a week at a farm that is home to three Arabians, a donkey and pony, chickens, ducks, and two senior dogs. I love my work, and spending time with my nieces.
I've had several side jobs come in dog sitting for people, and will be farm sitting in a month or so.
I'm painting when I find time, and I have to find time because I've gotten several challenging orders. 
One client ordered a set of glasses based on the Outlander books/series by Diana Gabaldon . As research for this project I spend a lot of time looking at well-muscled men in kilts online, since it's set primarily in the Scottish highlands. For research.
I'm also taking part in Ms. Misantropia's Autumn Gift Swap. Research for my contribution for this has me lighting pumpkin spice candles and longing for hot cider, but also painting. 
I feel motivated. 
I have more weight on me than I ever have in my life, thanks the side effects of medications, but I feel confident. Those medications have accomplished the impossible. I feel happy. Even though my man is far from my side, and I have family issues; money is tight, and the world gone crazy, I'm happy.
I think we've found the right combination of meds to control the Bipolar Disorder, PTSD, Panic Disorder and Anxiety Disorder. In my dark days I didn't believe it was possible. 
I haven't been very good or attentive friend to anyone while I've been getting myself sorted out, but I thank you all for being so supportive and encouraging to me.
Big hugs all around.


  1. Glad to hear things are going so well! And you look great too, nice and curvy!

    My Rare One and I have watched the first 2 seasons of "Outlander" and love it! Have fun researching Scottish hunks in kilts!

  2. The first two sentences made me shriek with delight! You feeling good makes me so happy. So glad you are busy with work, watching your nieces, helping your mom and pretty much taking over the world. Love it!

  3. Big Hugs!!!! So happy you feel good!! Makes me feel good! Wishing you all the best with everything! Keep smiling!

  4. Hearing that you have found a combination that seems to work for you makes me happy, and gives me hope for myself. I'm also starting a new chapter, trying to find my way back to some things, trying to find new ways in others.
    I'm glad you are getting inspired for the swap!

  5. Thank you all so much for the good energy and love. My apologies for the late responses and posts. Blogger is being a shit or maybe my iPad is on the fritz. It keeps shutting down while I'm in the middle of typing.


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