Samhain treasures

There's nothing like surprise Halloween mail to perk one's day up, let me tell you! I thought today would just plot along like any Monday, but the mail gods had other plans. All the way from Canada a good sized package waited for me. I open it carefully as instructed and Halloween came early. I was squeaking and bouncing like one of Anubis toys as I unwrapped treasure after treasure. The biggest I saved for last, though. I held my breath as I pull back the paper on the most perfect little wine loving crow painting an original by Stacy Magic Love Crow. I am ecstatic. I love Stacy's work. Her crows convey so much emotion and energy. Thank you so much, Stacy. Your package got me back into gear for the fall season. I'd gotten a bit melancholy, not getting much done creatively, but this gave me a shot in the arm. I got my own gift in the mail for the person I was assigned for the fall/craft gift swap hosted by the lovely Katerina of miss Misanthropia. This has been so much fun. Here's a little sneak peek at what I sent out for my recipient. Here's to hoping they like cats and wine. Thank you Katerina for hosting this party I've had a blast.


  1. Always fun to get a surprise in the mail! Stacey's the best, isn't she!

  2. Yeh!!!!! The package came! Happy Dance! Happy Dance! I was so excited when I got your name Sarah!!! I am so happy you loved everything! I know you will cherish it all! Fredrick wanted to come to you, so I couldn't argue with him! Love you my friend! Big Hugs!

  3. I love the cat!!! Kat will love what you are sending!!!

  4. Oh I'm so glad you got your gift and that you are enjoying the swap! And like Stacy said, i'm sure your recipient will love yours too.

  5. Stunning and warming! And I totally understand the excitement. There is something magical about mailed presents that make us smile all the way to our belly... especially Halloween presents. :)


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